Prairie PastTimes Hours of Operation:

Antiques & Crafts:

Open 7 days a week. April 1 - December 31.

Monday - Saturday: 11 am - 5 pm.

Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm.

*and additionally whenever the sign is out front.

Prairie PastTimes is an interesting, slightly different concept for the sale of antiques and craft items. The Co-op is designed to offer a main street store front for the talented craftsperson who might not otherwise be able to manage an entire store site individually. Using the principal of “strength in numbers”, we have learned that 30 of us can do what one of us cannot.

Inside Prairie PastTimesPartnerships are limited to “items made in the Flint Hills”. Each participant in Prairie PastTimes must have a solid connection (past or present) to ourbeloved Flint Hills region of Kansas. Our items are advertised “made in the Flint Hills”, and we will not dilute or compromise that concept.

In a large, historic space in downtown Cottonwood Falls, KS, we have skillfully blended the talents of 30 (or more) talented Flint Hills craftspersons, with vastly different talents. Quality crafts are artfully displayed among the consigned antiques which are also for sale. The “shop” occupies the perimeter of our wonderful space, leaving the center section open for Contra Dances, Victorian Balls, Masquerade Balls, and musical performances. Whenever the center space is open for one of Cottonwood Falls MANY music events, ” the shop is also “open for business” because at least ONE of our craftspersons is always in attendance for the music offerings.

In true Co-op manner, our partners each “work the store” on a rotating basis. All are responsible for stocking, refreshing displays, “housekeeping chores”, etc.

The possibilities are limitless for this wonderful space in beautiful downtown Cottonwood Falls. If you would like to know more about our effort, or if you might like to become a part of Prairie PastTimes, please contact Sue Smith (620)273-6020 or